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tv   WBZ This Morning  CBS  March 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now at 6:00, super tuesday, in 12 other states and massachusetts heading to the polls, the message candidates want you to hear. the memorial plans today to honor the new england woman killed during her first day on the job. mark this one as a win for apple. the new ruling against the government in the fight over unlocking iphones. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning". >> it is 6:00, i'm kathryn hauser. >> i'm liam martin in for chris mckinnon, march 1, hancock, flashing blue, nice look at that. >> flashing blue, clouds are due. see, danielle, i'm paying attention!
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get that rhyme down, few wispy clouds today, accurate a lot of the time; right? temperatures are going to be cooling over the next couple hours, the wind is subsiding to just a couple hours ago, wind it's still breezy, gusts over 20 miles per hour but not nearly as strong as it was overnight, a real feel of 17 in worcester, 28 in boston. so not the 50s and 60s we had yesterday. the colder air streaming in, we dropped an additional two degrees in boston the last hour, that trend will continue. upper 20s for manchester, worcester and keene. 40 chatham but we've been dropping there as well. scattered clouds along the mass pike, a good amount of sunshine through them and no weather related issues for your super tuesday forecast. so polls opening at 7:00 a.m., sunny and chilly, sunrise at 6:19, wispy clouds, back up then cruising around through the upper 30s, partly cloudy, dry, and quiet. i'm tracking some rain on the way for tomorrow, and a little
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and tonight, we'll break down the dements -- details of that. checking on the kids, traffic and weather together, robi. a pothole problem north of the city, reports of a giant pothole up in peabody, 95 southbound total traffic network says several cars pulled over after hitting the road crater not seeing a back up. two slow pockets between river road and concord street and between 128 and spot on. and we have an accident in milford, 495 northbound before route 85, multicar crash, the left lane is blocked there and then finally to the south, the expressway northbound now jammed from east milton square, you're the split. liam and kathryn? also following this breaking news overnight, state police say two people were seriously hurt
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randolph and rolled over just after 2:00 a.m., in word on their condition. super tuesday lots of votes are up for grab today, including here in massachusetts and it could be a game changer. nearly half of the delegates needed tort republican -- for the republican nomination are up for grabs, nearly a third for the democratic nomination. polls open in about an hour, 7:00 this morning, closing at 8:00 tonight. >> the race between the democrats is very tight heading in to tonight's primary, nicole jacobs is outside a polling place in west roxbury with a look at the democratic race, good morning, nicole. >> reporter: good morning to you, kathryn. both democratic candidate were in massachusetts yesterday, ult neither will be here today. but this super tuesday vote could be the beginning of the end for one of these candidates. >> ladies and gentlemen, president bill clinton. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: an enthusiastic crowd at a late night rally. >> i should give them hell here
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them hell. >> reporter: former president bill clinton in worcester, thumper for hillary clinton who also made a stop in the bay state. >> we reject the kind of mean-spiritedness, the demagoguery, the bigotry that is being peddled by the republican candidates. you know, america never stopped being great. >> reporter: massachusetts is up for grabs this super tuesday and the wbz u mass amherst poll shows it could be anybody's race with clinton leading bernie sanders by just 3 percentage points. 9% undecided. >> this is a raucous crowd, i love it! >> reporter: in milton it was sanders who felt victorious. >> i look around, i think we're going to win. >> reporter: though he's realistic about the votes and what's truly at stake. >> if young people, if working class people come out to vote,
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if the voter turnout is low, we'll be struggling. >> reporter: according to state officials, voter turnout here in massachusetts is expected to be high with 1.5 to 2 million voters expected to come out. we're live in west roxbury, nicole jacobs wbz "this morning". >> nicole, thank you very much. as for the republicans, our poll shows donald trump with a huge lead in massachusetts. susie steimle is here with a closer look at the gop candidates and their message ahead of today's voting, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kathryn, donald trump has the commanding lead in most super tuesday states including massachusetts. some republican candidates are simply hoping for second place today. trump has the knack for making headline as a nontraditional candidate and that continues today with talk of the kkk, and a brawl at one of his events. the republican contest is expected to draw huge numbers this super tuesday. all eyes are still on donald trump as the man to beat.
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race is being compared to a world wrestling match. and on monday, it got physical. a photographer and secret service member fought on the floor of a trump rally in virginia. meanwhile, protesters from the group black lives matter interrupted the candidate. >> all lives matter. >> reporter: trudge took hits for not denouncing support from former kkk leader david duke. >> there's no place for bigotry, prejudice, hatred, david duke or the kkk in the republican party. >> reporter: other republican candidates are focused on beating trump in the 12 states railroad votes are up for grabs shall doctor where votes are up for grabs, ted cruz knows he needs texas. kasich the only republican in massachusetts on monday. he and rubo are vying for governor baker's support. baker is undecided on who he'll vote for, he knows it's not trump. >> needs a proven track record of collaborating and cooperating. as i said before, i don't think
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>> reporter: the attacks from republicans against donald trump are getting more and more personal as the day goes on, but if he win today, those attacks might not matter. if he garners enough delegates, he may be unstoppable in the race for the republican front runner. susie steimle, wbz "this morning", kathryn back to you. >> thank you very much. wbz and cbs news got you cover ond this super tuesday. -- covered on this super tuesday, get the reaction as soon as the polls close then at 10:00 a primetime special here on wbz followed by a full super tuesday wrap up on the wbz news at 11:00. a funeral held today for an officer from new england killed during her first day on duty. last night a powerful sign of solidarity as police officers escorted her body to the chapel. today, men and women in blue from around the country will be in virginia to honor the life of ashley guindon, the 28-year-old grew up in new hampshire and her
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bunting drapes the police station in her memory. her family plans to bury her next to her father in this cemetery in west springfield massachusetts. he was an air national guardsman who committed suicide in 2004 after returning from a tour of duty in iraq. >> she had experienced a lot of tragedy in her own life and yet she was able to move forward with her dreams. >> army staff sergeant hamilton charged in her murder. the funeral for ashley guindon will be at noon today in wood bring bridge -- wood bridge, virginia, a show of support from a surprising place at the nfl combine in indianapolis. maurice kennedy from the university of virginia wore special cleats during the 40 yard dash yesterday. the officer's name inscribed on the cornerback's shoes with the words "never forget". one shoe given to her family, the other auctioned off to raise money for her memorial fund. a scare at boston children's
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to the scene for a possible hazmat situation last night. several people were evacuated, turns out someone left a plastic container on a hot plate. there were no injuries. right now police searching for this man, take a look who robbed a store clerk armed with a hypo-dermiyc needle. stole cash then ook off running. the marathon bombers acted alone because they felt they couldn't trust anyone. they also detail dzhokhar's action after he was captured. they randomly picked the locations where they left the bombs and he called tamerlan to synchronize the explosions. three months before the deadly attacks, tamerlan passed his allegiance to the u.s.. a fight with apple to keep the government out of its
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force apple to unlock an iphone dealer. investigators wantded them to -- wanted to wipe out the pass code without wiping out data. the court ruling to help the fbi break in to the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. 6:10, much more ahead on wbz "this morning", a sports caster's tearful testimony. >> erin andrews breaks down and the stalker who secretly videotaped her in a hotel room. mrugs new -- plus new details in the fbi investigation in to a state senator. as if you didn't need more reason to have have sleep, it can impact your waistline good morning! temperatures in the 20s, 30s, but back up in the 40s, good amount of sunshine today, light wind as well. looking good on this super tuesday. tracking changes on the way, that will break down all the
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been craving sweets and salty high fat snack? you may need to catch up on sleep. doctors at the university of chicago say that sleep loss intensifies those cravings. researchers say sleep deprivation triggers a chemical that increases the appetite for those foods. sleep starved patients ate nearly twice as much as those who got eight hours of rest. and so, kathryn and danielle, we're doomed! >> you see, you're -- >> but i did wake up this morning and was like, food! just cramming it in. >> well, now i'm going to have an excuse when i go for the cookies, it's because i'm sleep deprived. >> got to keep the sugar content. >> sunshine and research. >> you said you cooked eggs and sausage, this morning? >> i woke up at 1:30, cooked eggs and sausage, had cereal. yeah, pounded it in. >> that's impressive. >> as we're all talking about how we want round two of breakfast.
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36 degrees in boston right now, we're in the 20s north and west of town, colder air, 40 in chatham, taunton, falmouth, in to massachusetts, the wind howling, now that wind slowly subsiding. still breezy out there, creating a bit of a real feel. but guchts -- gusts near the 20, 25, middle and high altitude clouds, wispy ones making for a nice sunrise, four minutes from now. and then we turn our attention to the west. storm bringing snow right now from michigan stretching east to iowa, a little freezing rain in here and plain rain too. we're going to get in to some of this as we head in to late this evening and during the day tomorrow. and it will be just cold enough that as it comes in, a little bit of light freezing rain, notice outside 1:28, particularly brook shires and new hampshire. that changeover, areas of rain
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they'll be with us, generally half an inch to three quarters of an inch of rain for a lot of us. and it's out of here quickly, look at the map, noon time, leftover shower, pushes off the coastline, clearing come in -- comes in, sun breaks out, temperatures near the 40s. overnight, generally north and west of boston, all the areas shaded in purple, slippery travel will result. keep a close eye on that car thermometer if you're travelling late this evening in to tonight. 32 degrees, the roads untreated may be just a little bit slick. the wind is going to kick up tomorrow behind the front. gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour, some isolated outages may result. i think the gusts at 50 would be isolated too. and then thursday, colder air comes in, bright sunshine but only in the low to mid 30s. as we head in to thursday afternoon, friday turning our attention to the south, the storm center is going to be developing off the carolinas.
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england but may come close enough to graze us with a period of snow on friday. especially down along the coast and cape cod, that's one to watch for the week, today's highs coming back in the 40s, normal for march 1. we flip the calendar now. tonight, 32 in pittsburgh, notice north and west of town -- fitchburg, north and west of town, the temperatures actually rise tomorrow in to the 40s by the morning. during the afternoon, we'll fall in the 40s, 32 for a high on thursday, chilly. storm pass to our friday, watch it closely, the weekend looking mostly dry, a flurry on sunday, temperatures in the 30s, 40s for the start of next week, traffic and weather together, robi how's it look? a crash and a pothole problem, the accident is up in andover, 93 southbound, that's a busy stretch, not hearing of any back up. 93 southbound bogs down between river road and 125 and 128 and
6:18 am
the pothole problem is in peabody, 95 southbound at route 1, huge road crater there has left several cars with flat tires and to the south we go, get a couple robs there, the expressway jammed between the split and columbia road, 128 southbound hangs between 37 and the split. there's new information on the federal investigation of state senator bryan joyce. last month the fbi raided the law offices the milton democrat. now the ghoeb is looking in his role in a housing project. he helped the town get a half million dollar state grant for ames's estate. now prosecutor are looking in to his role as a private attorney for the development. video on the internet, i don't do that, what are you talking about? >> sports reporters erin andrews describing the
6:19 am
her and then released the footage online. she's expected back on the stand today and susie steimle emotional testimony. >> reporter: you can tell she's in that video, she says she's about this footage. which has was take -- was taken knowledge. she still suffers from panic attacks. she also blames the national mar yot as much as -- nashville marriott as much as her stalker. michael barrett requested a room next to her and filmed her through a peep hole he created through her door. she wants $75 million from michael barrett and her hotel for the humiliation. >> it was everywhere, and publicity stunt, my naked body
6:20 am
bars over my body parts. >> reporter: michael barrett, her stalker sentenced to two and a half years, jurors now have to decide if the hotel is also at fault here. live in the satellite center, susie steimle, wbz "this morning". >> susie, thank you very much. no more late nights on the mbta. >> how soon it will put the brakes onts surface, plus the -- on the surface, plus new ideas on the late night rides. one more thing you need to fit in to your busy schedule today, and i'll tell you why when wbz "this
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. 6:23 -- 6:23, the 't' getting rid of late night service but wanting to keep transit open. the bridge, the bus service that operates sort of like ride
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lunched a website asking to sit down officials and mayor walsh, saying it's losing money and riders, slate to do shut down no later -- slated to shut down no later than march 13. it's super tuesday. >> polls open here at 7:00 this morning, they close at 8:00 tonight. our jon keller takes a closer look why it's so important for you to vote. >> reporter: good morning. it's a tuesday morning and you've got plenty on your platter, the kids, the traffic, the errands, the dog. did i mention the traffic, you're busy, i get it. but there's something you should want to do. but stop in and vote. why bother? it's just a presidential primary, you'll turn out for the big one in november, but not today. besides, it's a turnoff all that yelling, all that
6:25 am
motivated to choose from this group? again, i get it. and if you're willing to abide by the choices others will make for you in your absence today, by all means go on about your business. but please, don't turn on the tv during the conventions this summer and start whining about the poor quality of the candidates receiving their party nominations. don't complain next fall when you pull the curtain behind you and there on your ballot are your choices, bad and worse. there are competent, fully qualified people on both party ballots today for you to choose from. you may not agree with everything they say, but is there anyone on earth who fits that bill? even your pet dog or cat? to say they're all a bunch of bums so why bother is not an adult statement. it's a childish surrender of our most sacred civic obligation. it won't be a long wait to vote, and it's a nice day out. do your thing then watch your vote count on tv 38 and feel
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talk back to me any time at or via twitter @kelleratlarge. and we'll have much more on super tuesday coming up in our next half hour, for now, tom wraidy extend -- brady extending his contract with the patriots. >> what you're saying about it, our daily talker. and conservation, the fight against vandals who have been targeting this historic site. to figure out most checking accounts can now cost you hundreds every year. but a dcu free checking account is still well... free it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over
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right now at 6:30, polls in massachusetts getting ready to open on this super tuesday. we have the campaigns covered for you. >> the success of the movie "spotlight" having a major real life impact on survivors of clergy sex abuse. and he may be small but he's a huge inspiration to his community. the natick boy fighting cancer with his positive attitude. >> from the channel 4 studios in boston, this is wbz "this morning". >> it has been a gusty morning, those strong winds overnight causing trouble in hopkinton, a
6:30 am
whipped up and pushed a tree in power lines, that fire is out but you can expect major delays in that area. utility crews are obt -- on the scene trying to restore power, people waking up not to the best news. >> very windy. >> welcome back, i'm liam martin in for chris mckinnon. >> and i'm kathryn hauser, great to have you with us on this super tuesday as well, hold on to your hats. are the wind gusts as bad now? >> even the last couple hours, they've subis sided but it was howling overnight, just checked with the ever source map, only 350 customers across the state without power this morning, beautiful sunrise out there as well, look at the sun coming up with some of those high thin cirrous cloud decorating the sky, making for a pretty scene out the door this morning. that wind by the way, still gusting over 20 miles per hour. but it is no longer damaging. we had some gusts over 40 miles per hour overnight. that was actually the colder air rushing in. and it's creating a wind chill this morning, real feel 17 in worcester as well as keene, 20s
6:31 am
36 in boston right now, still 40 in chatham, the colder air west. we're in the 20s north and west of boston now. you can see in the satellite there, right along the mass turnpike, back down the coast. no weather related issues today, the sun is up, that wind will continue to ease over the next several hours. sun and clouds, 42 with a light wind by lunch hour, not too bad by march 1 standards in fact. by the evening we drop back in the 30s, some of those wispy clouds with us with the sunset at 5:35, freezing rain for later on this evening, i'll let you know when coming up. let's check on the roads, robi. keeping an eye on a bad accident on 495, a multicar crash in milford before route 85, cars are supposedly in the right and left lane there. to the north, 93 southbound heavy and slow, wilmington in to the connector, the south expressway jammed from the split to colombia road, that's looking
6:32 am
super tuesday is finally here and the polls will be open, yeah, a little under 30 minutes in massachusetts. >> 12 other states voting today, we have live team coverage this morning, susie steimle is following the republican race but we begin with nicole jacobs, she is live in west roxbury on a tight contest between the democrats. nicole, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, liam, good morning kathryn. yes, 30 minutes before the doors open here, this polling location. but the race here in massachusetts right now is just too close to call. i want to get you right to some video of hillary clinton stumping yesterday in massachusetts. she's favored to win here according to the wbz u mass amherst poll. she leads by just three points over senator sanders also in massachusetts yesterday with a packed crowd in milton. of course, sanders is banking on a win in massachusetts to give him momentum.
6:33 am
mean-spiritedness, the demagoguery, the bigotry that is being peddled by the republican candidates. >> i look around this crowd tonight, i think we're going to >> reporter: and voter turnout, of course, is a big determining factor here today. i can tell you that according to state officials, they do expect the turnout to be great. 1.5 to 2 million voters they're expecting here in massachusetts. of course, that could be what decides this race. we're living in west roxbury, nicole jacobs, wbz "this morning ". >> nicole, thank you. now to the republicans in our polls in this state show at that tha it appears -- that it appears to be a one man race. >> a closer look at the race, good morning, susie steimle. >> reporter: according to our poll, donald trump has such a commanding lead, other candidates are just hoping for second place. the latest poll shows him with 47% of the vote here.
6:34 am
next in line with 15% of the votes president -- respectively. trump's rally got out of control, look at this from the city of protesters, black lives matter interrupted the candidate multiple times and a photographer got in to a physical fight with a secret service member. fellow candidates are still criticizing trump for not denouncing an endorsement from a fomer leader -- former leader of the kkk. >> there's no place for bigotry, prejudice, hatred, david duke or the kkk in the republican party. >> i don't know, did he endorse me or what's going on, because i know nothing about david duke, about white supremacists. >> reporter: governor charlie baker said he will not vote for donald trump, he's undecided on whether he will support marco rubio or kasich today. >> susie, thank you, wbz and cbs news have you covered, the first
6:35 am
as soon as the polls close at 8:00 tonight. at 10:00, cbs news with a primetime special here on wbz followed by a full super tuesday wrap up on the wbz news at 11:00. a man wanted for attacking a revere $1,100. a man wanted for attacking a revere police officer with a needle turn himself in. investigators say last week, michael good row tried to stab the officer and took off. police took offer him, the chase ended when the officer crashed in chelsea, that officer is okay. and boston police releasing surveillance video of an officer involved shooting in dorchester. it happened last month when officers responded to reports of a gunfight. they say a man with a gun was carrying another man who was shot in the leg. police repeatedly ordered the armed man to drop his weapon. when he didn't, they shot and killed him. a local fort dating back to the revolutionary war falling to vandals. manned by general washington's troops but now graffiti covers
6:36 am
trying to track down the vandal who spray painted the site. visitors are frustrated with the -- fort's appearance. throw good security cameras, film it, everybody knows everybody, you got them kids. >> sad that they treat a part of history like this. >> crews for the conservation and recreation have tried to paint over the graffiti, but they have not been able to keep up with the vandal. after winning the oscar for best picture, the movie "spotlight" seems to be prompting a new chapter in the sexual abuse scandal. more survivors are coming forward, say lawyers. garabedian, an attorney featured in the movie says 50 victims have come forward since "spotlight" debuted. one woman received a settlement from the church says she understand why the film -- understand why the film is empowering. alexa claims she was abused by a priest for six years.
6:37 am
woman says "spotlight" showed the misdeeds to a larger audience. >> more people realize what we've been through and that these documents existed, the church did actively participate in the cover up. >> now they're regaining their dignity that they lost as children when they were sexual abused by a priest. >> garabedian still has 500 sexual abuse cases pending from around the world. inspiring others with optimism. conor, of natick is battling stage four cancer, scored him student of the month at his school, honored for his perseverance, seeing the positive side of any situation. >> looking for a cure, i think there's something out there that's going to work. >> drieg -- trying to find something that will slow it down. hopefully we hear everyday we're closer, there's got to be a
6:38 am
>> the family returned from a make a wish trip to the bahamas, the community tied orange and blue ribbons in honor of him, when they came back from that so obviously a remarkable boy. we wish him all the best as he tries to beat it. time now for our daily talker this morning. patriots nation waking up happy today with news that star quarterback tom brady has agreed to a contract extension. >> but the end of that deal, brady will be 42 years old, can tom still be terrific then? robi with that. >> liam during training camp this august, he will turn 39 years old. plenty of other superstars born in 1977. still at the top of their game. kanye west, you don't agree with me on that one though; right? actor tom hardy just nominated for an oscar, country singer jason aldeen, a favorite of danielle, how can you go wrong?
6:39 am
can get chased around, tackled by 300 pound dudes. brudy agreed -- brady agreed to an extension through the 2019 season, $10 million in 2017, terms not released but believed he will take a discount to give the salary cap relief, his cap number was supposed to be a team height $15 million -- team high $15 million, that will come down, leading with 36 touchdown, he claims he wants to continue playing in his 40s. but what do you think of this deal? are you concerned about his age? do you think he can make it? between 39 and 42? quite a thing. patriot nation, looks like they want to see him play fefr. tone -- forever, tony posted oldest quarterback ever? just another record for tom to break. kathy says more super bowls in our future if we can get an offensive line who does their job! kathy, chaj a little coach belichick there. there are ways to -- channelling
6:40 am
are ways to comment, the inside of my brain, website, twitter, and facebook, we hope you join in the conversation. don't be brainless like me this morning. [ laughter ] >> i feel like that. >> i agree, he can be at the top of the game, he just needs the billion dollars from zuckerberg. >> or the loan. check of the top stories just ahead, including a hospital scare that led to a partial evacuation. plus, saying goodbye to a fallen officer, the funeral plans today for the new england woman killed during her first day on the job. plus, this round goes to apple, the latest court ruling over a government request to unlock an iphone. checking in with weather watchers this morning, lots of folks up and appreciate your reports as always. temperatures running in the 20s and 30s right now. colder air coming in, 35 degrees, massachusetts, sun is shining, couple clouds mixing in too, no weather related issues on this super tuesday but tracking changes as early as later on this evening, the
6:41 am
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welcome back. astronaut scott kelly is coming home after nearly a year in space.
6:44 am
served as test subjects on the spranl space station -- international space station tore techs on the human body, seeing if they can handle a trip to mars kazakhstan just before midnight, returning to texas tomorrow. he spent more time in space than any other american in history. that's a lot, you know, small little areas. >> yeah, very fun. i want to know what it does to the human body, the brain too. there was weird video of the, one was in a gorilla costume, they were chasing each other around in the shuttle, i don't know what was going on. -- >> it happens in space. got to have fun somehow! i'm going to miss his tweets. he had great tweets. >> yeah, incredible. >> amazing photos. >> looking at some of the storms fantastic. and it is a beautiful sunrise, you saw the live shot with the cirrous clouds out morning. winter in the books,
6:45 am
january, february in terms of climate records. and we are number two! second warmest winter on record with 37.5 degrees for our average temperature, the top warmest is back in 2001, 2002. such a mild stretch over the last several days but now change is coming in. 36 in boston, 20s worcester, keene, manchester at 29. still 40 in chatham but the cold air will continue to come in. we'll drop a few more degrees between now and 8:30 this morning. the wind brought that change overnight, it was howling. gusts over 40 miles per hour but now that wind is subsiding that trend will continue. still gusts over 20 creating a bit of a chill this morning. other than that, high pressure is nosing its way in today, there will be no weather related issues for your super tuesday, you can get out and vote, waesht's not -- weather's not going to be a problem, snow back in through ohio, michigan down through iowa, also have some rain with us as well. this is our next storm, it's going to work in our direction by late this evening and
6:46 am
so you notice some pink that shows up here, once again, we know the drill at this point; right? just enough cold air hangs on that outside of 128, a little bit of light freezing rain, late this evening and for the first part of the overnight, a brief period. so by tomorrow morning, we're in the 40s for a lot of these areas by rain, downpours and sweep through from west to east for the morning commute fwu moves -- but it moves through pretty quickly, leftover showers, sun's breaking out, the wind is going to kick up, tomorrow we should see gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour as well. if you're doing any travelling, north and west of boston, all the purple areas, winter weather advisories. 8:00 p.m. tonight until 1:00 a.m.. this may result in slick travel. keep an eye on the car thermometer, a touch of freezing rain and anything untreatable a little bit vik in those area -- slick in those areas. tomorrow right around 50 and then fall in the 40s through the afternoon, the wind isolated
6:47 am
damage, shouldn't be all that widespread, thursday back up but colder only in the low to mid 30s and then friday, watching a storm to the south, looks like it will stay to our south but may come just close enough. we get grazed with a little bit of snow on friday, especially along the south coast. keep a close eye on that. plenty of sun today, much cooler, 42 degrees, areas of rain, gradually rising temperatures, 35, cooler in the suburbs and rising in the morning. rain comes in, gusting and cooling temperatures through the 40s as the rain wraps up and the sun comes out tomorrow. 32 on thursday, storm passes to our south, we'll keep an eye on td track saturday and sunday -- on the track, saturday and sunday, 40s again for the start of next week. traffic and weather together, robi. danielle, we're hearing about our first slowdowns west of the city right now, the mass pike eastbound has two heavy pockets from route nine to the barracks to the super market overpass.
6:48 am
sluggish from wilmington in the connector, that takes you about half an hour and the south expressway from the split to columbia road will take you 25 minutes, from the street up to 128. new details on breaking news in randolph, a driver thrown from a vehicle this morning has died. this happened just before 2:00 this morning on route 24 southbound, state police say that a van veered off the road and flipped, the passenger was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. checking our top stories on this tuesday morning, funeral services will be held today for the officer from new england killed during her first day on duty in virginia. >> black bunting is draping the police station in ashley guindon's hometown of merrimack, new hampshire. the 28-year-old's family plans to bury her next to her father athe a cemetery in west springfield, massachusetts. a scare at boston children's hospital, emergency crews raced to the scene for a possible hazmat situation last night. several people were evacuated,
6:49 am
container on a hot plate. there were no injuries. it's a win for apple, a federal judge in new york ruled investigators cannot force to open an iphone used by a drug dealer, hope to go get contact information for other suspected drug dealers. this comes after apple is fighting to help investigators to unlock a phone from one of the san bernardino shooters. predicting high voter turnout on this super tuesday, the poll shows donald trump with a commanding lead in the republican race and a tight race between democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders, both held rallies yesterday in massachusetts. polls here are open from 7:00 this morning until 8:00 tonight. so open in just a few minutes! wbz and cbs news has you covered on this super tuesday. get the first results and reaction on my tv 38, as soon as
6:50 am
then at 10:00, cbs news will have a special primetime special i should say, a full super tuesday wrap up on the wbz news at 11:00. busy day ahead. >> still ahead this morning. a word of warning from major league baseball players. >> the letters being put up at spring training over a new policy here in boston and several other stadiums. and the celtics trying to oust utah at the garden, the
6:51 am
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wbz sports is driven by bmw, test drive a bmw at your massachusetts bmw center or visit us at >> set ticks take doctor -- celtics taking on the jazz down in the fourth, crowder drains the three with 30 ticks to go. celtics back up 96-95 that point, crowder with a game high, hayward trying to post up bradley and that is why he is such a good defensive player, making a defensive block, from free throws down the stretch, 100-95, the 11th straight win at home, portland comes to town tonight. red sox maying their first two -- playing their first two games, in fort myers yesterday, ramirez got the start at first against boston college. he fielded a double play and an
6:54 am
and doubled. and betts crushes, beat northeastern 8-3 in game two. speaking of baseball, major league baseball players getting a written reminder about a new policy in effect in boston and also several other stadiums. >> letters are being put in clubhouses at spring training to remind player that all smokeless tobacco is now banned at fenway park as well as baseball stadiums in san francisco and los angeles. there is no ban at spring training. last year chewing tobacco banned at all baseball fields throughout boston. 6:54 right now, time for a closer look what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> good morning, liam and kathryn, we continue your coverage of super tuesday. as voters head to the polls in your state, what to expect from today's make or break primaries. and only on cbs this morning, the woman who launched her own advertising campaign to find a kidney donor. the news is back in the morning, we'll see you at 7:00. >> thank you, nora, we'll be watching. up next, brace yourself for
6:55 am
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6:58 am
viral, he has to wear them for just a few weeks, unlike humans. did you have braces? i did. >> i didn't. >> and i was not walking around showing it off like wesley is. >> for a year! >> a year! [ laughter ] oh, man, i'm thinking of a couple new nicknames for you. >> and a retainer and you talk like this. fell in the trash at school one time. >> you've come a long way since then, beautiful smile. >> there you go! you know! >> wesley, the future is bright. [ laughter ] >> cbs this morning is next here on wbz, we'll be back with an update in 30 minutes, have a great day. with hood, cottage cheese can be pineapple on a waffle. or cucumber and dill as a dip. with 8 delicious flavors of hood cottage cheese, the possibilities are endless.
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good morning. it is tuesday, march 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump is poised for a historic super tuesday. - his gop rivals and the establishment pull out all the stops to derail the trump machine. hillary clinton hopes the southern voters g give her a full path to the nomination. we'll have a full political look at it from the team. >> we show you who's in and who's out. but we begin this morning


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